Manufacturing Manufacturing

While you’re busy manufacturing,we’ll help you make something equally important. Money.

With some of the largest and highest profile local businesses as clients, RDC Partners has an intimate knowledge of manu- facturing financials. Our exposure to this industry has provided us with unique insights that we use to benefit your business. The level of sophistication we bring to your finances is not something every accountant can do, and that’s what sets RDC Partners apart.

As you would know, manufacturing is a highly competitive industry and often at the core of making profit is the awareness of what your team needs to be producing and at what hourly rate. We’ll help you determine the figures by establishing what profit you want to make and then work backwards to ascertain your fixed costs (such as rent), your cost of materials and any margin you put on them, your current staff hours and wages and your estimated turnover. With this information we can effectively work out what your external charge out rates will need to be and if these are inline with your competitors. Having achieved this for many of our current clients, you’ll have the confidence that RDC Partners will provide the right guidance you can genuinely rely on.

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RDC Partners can also help you with:

  • Strategies for tax minimisation
  • Bookkeeping 
  • BAS lodgement
  • Financials and end of year tax returns

So if you’re in manufacturing and need to better understand your business fundamentals, RDC Partners are more than happy to chat.

What our clients say


“We have been working with RDC Accountants in excess of 20 years. Your company was instrumental in firstly establishing our company books, which enabled our business to acquire our first loan and subsequently our first printing machine purchase from Europe… We have now seen our business grow from a turnover of $500,000 to $5.3 million…

Your records and input were instrumental into my acquiring the proposed new company, which I most proudly own and run today.  Further thanks should be mentioned to RDC for assisting us in new staff placement and advice on personal investment.

Finally, I thank you for your friendship and being there when most needed. I trust we have many more years to go until I retire (not).”

– Paula and Robert Malliotis, Signature Labels.