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Helping you maximise your business resources.

RDC Partners works with the owners of some of the most iconic restaurants in Adelaide. Why? Because these owners know that after decades of preparing their financials, our accountants instinctively know what makes for a successful restaurant business and the issues that are very particular to this industry.

For example, because it can be important to keep a close eye on staff where cash and consumer goods are concerned, restaurants are often partnerships with one owner in the kitchen and the other at the front of house. As a result, it is often difficult to remember that running a business means being really on top of your figures, and that’s where RDC Partners can help. We regularly compile and review your financials so you can feel safe in the knowledge that the business fundamentals are being constantly monitored and small problems are fixed before they become major issues.

To see how this really works, take for example a situation where the owners are working their fingers to the bone but don’t see their cash reserves growing. Without the knowledge of RDC Partners that is built up over years of working with countless successful restauranteurs, the owners may not realise they are paying far more rent than their competitors or that their suppliers are not giving them the best deals on stock. With a quick review and regular monitoring, RDC Partners can immediately put profits back into their clients’ pockets.

Another issue that stirs much emotion in the restaurant game is ATO auditing. Given that patrons often like to pay in cash and stock loss is commonplace, reconciling till receipts with bank deposits and outgoings can be challenging. The founding partner of RDC Partners, Anthony D’Arrigo, has worked in the ATO and has extensive direct experience in assisting clients with audits. So if you have been notified by the ATO, call Anthony on (08) 8214 8000 to book your free initial consultation.

Over the last 25 years we have developed methods and strategies involving:

  • Regular independent analysis of performance (reviews monthly or quarterly)
  • Analysing turnover trends and prices charged for client services
  • Wage cost as percentage of turnover
  • Analysing profit of each staff member (turnover v wage cost)
  • Overheard analysis (particularly rent expense)
  • Cash flow analysis
  • Net Profit analysis
  • Tax minimization strategies