Every bean counts.

Welcome to RDC Partners. We’re here to make every solitary dollar work for you as smart as it can. Because we believe, it’s not how much money you have, but what you do with it.

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Specialist Industries


Higher Profits

Wanting higher profits is one thing.
Doing something about it is another.

Every business wants higher profits. But to achieve such rewards, profit and loss must be detailed and key data recorded accurately. RDC Partners has the necessary tools and expertise to capture such valuable information and help your business identify areas of concern. In working closely with you, we’ll implement strategies that lead to higher profits. 

RDC Partners can assist you in the following areas; 

  • create more profit
  • dissect your revenue
  • identify profitable revenue streams
  • review prices
  • reduce waste
  • analyse all expenditure
  • implement profit improvement strategies
  • generate revenue from new clients
  • analyse your target market
  • explore new revenue channels
  • provide additional services
  • prepare a marketing plan
  • prepare a business plan

Strategy + Advisory

Business Consulting

Meeting you is nice.
But meeting up with you at least 4 times every year is even better.

To ensure your business maximises its potential and achieves greater profits, we meet with the board of directors no less than 4 times per year to review performance of the business. We identify the key performance indicators in your business and monitor them on your behalf. With over 30 years experience we’ll provide valuable, strategic and independent advice for the board.


We’ll set the record straight.

RDC Partners can provide accurate and timely benchmarking analysis that enables you to compare your business to your competitors. That way you’ll know exactly where your business stands.

Some of the areas we explore include the following;

How your net profit compares with your competition?
Are your wage costs too high?
Are you spending enough on advertising?
How to reduce wastage?
How to improve productivity?

We’ll make every effort to understand how the rest of your industry works so that we can develop action strategies in areas that need improvement and ultimately increase profits.

Strategic Planning

If you don’t have a map,
you won’t know where you’re heading.

In this day and age, it seems we’re continually working in our business rather than on our business. RDC Partners will guide you in developing a strategic plan that shifts the focus back on your business and clears a pathway by addressing the following;

  • defining your objectives and financial goals
  • examining where you want your business and your life to be in the next 3-5 years
  • identifying how you can achieve these goals and objectives
  • preparing an effective implementation strategy to achieve your goals
  • reviewing and updating regularly

Profit Budgets

We’ll help take the guesswork out of your future performance.

Once financial targets have been determined, the profit budget is one of the most effective business tools in allowing you to project future performance. The techniques we utilise to prepare these projections enable us to consider various ‘what if’ scenarios and their respective outcomes.

Cashflow Forecasting

Money makes the world go round.
But cash keeps you grounded.

RDC Partners can provide accurate, timely and informative cash flow forecasting that will enable you to;

  • assess your future cashflow requirements
  • understand the difference between profit and cashflow
  • pre-empt cashflow shortages
  • realise when cash will be available
  • understand the impact on cashflow that expansion may cause
  • understand the impact of taxes

Risk Management

We take the risk out of risky business.

Every business inherently has a certain level of risk. Effective risk management however will help minimise those risks. RDC Partners will annually undertake a comprehensive risk assessment of your business including;

  • understanding and compiling relevant information about your business, market and structures
  • identifying major risks facing your organisation
  • developing a risk strategy and implementation thereof
  • regular financial health checks

Tax + Compliance

Bookkeeping + GST

We make numbers
make sense.

RDC Partners love working with numbers. So we’re more than happy to take over the responsibility and burden of all your bookkeeping requirements including;

  • processing all data including receipts and payments
  • preparing and lodging business activity statements
  • processing wages
  • full payroll services
  • paying creditors
  • collecting debts
  • various secretarial duties
  • reconciling bank accounts and loans

Using the latest technology and software, RDC Partners can assure that your business activity statements will be lodged on time, along with having your financial statements prepared on a timely basis so that any consulting and strategic advice can be acted upon promptly.

The GST system can be complex and confusing. RDC Partner’s commitment to training guarantees our team remains up to date with any changes, and as a result will always provide the most recent and accurate advice for its clients.


Tax needn’t be a scary word.

RDC Partners offer a full range of taxation services. Our diverse experience and ongoing commitment to training and research allows us to provide proactive advice. Taxation can be a major cost to any business. We’ll work with you to achieve your key objectives and help minimise the amount of tax you pay.

RDC Partners provide advice and assistance in each of these areas;

  • preparing and lodging Year End Financial Statements and Tax Returns
  • preparing and lodging Business Activity Statements
  • advice on Company Tax and Individual Taxes
  • advice on GST obligations
  • advice on FBT obligations
  • tax effective structures for tax minimisation and asset protection
  • managing ATO Tax Audits
  • advice on capital gains tax exemption and concessions

Software Solutions

We’ll keep you in the know.

RDC Partners will review your accounting software requirements with particular emphasis to Cloud based information. We can recommend the best accounting software solution for your business and will assist, train and support you through the entire process. Whatever you need we’ll always be there for you.

Accredited with MYOB, XERO, Reckon, etc…


Smart Wealth

Become wealthy the clever way.

Financial Planning involves developing detailed and effective strategies that over time will enable your business income and employment income to be substituted by passive income. And as a result, creating a better lifestyle for you.


Smart Property

It’s the smart thing to do.

Smart Property Pty Ltd has a proven track record in assisting clients purchase commercial properties throughout Australia since 2004. Smart Property is involved in locating properties and undertaking a thorough due diligence review including;

  • obtaining independent valuations by Australia’s leading Real Estate Agents
  • preparing a feasibility analysis including 10 year Profit & Loss and Cashflow Forecasts
  • preparing finance submissions with major Australian banks and negotiating the best deal
  • instructing property lawyers to assist with a due diligence process; and
  • obtaining expert advice on: contracts, leases, environmental reports and other related matters

Smart Property also provides advice on fair market value and attends Auctions and/or negotiates the purchase price including all terms and conditions. Once the property is purchased Smart Property can manage the property and attend to the following;

  • invoicing tenants
  • collecting rent
  • payment of all creditors
  • rent reviews
  • property inspections and maintenance reports
  • insurance reviews
  • compliance with all statutory authorities

Smart Finance

You’d be silly not to.

Smart Finance Pty Ltd is accredited with all the major banks in Australia and provides a wide range of financing options. We have the experience and expertise to be able to source the best finance available for our clients on any of the following;

  • commercial
  • cashflow lend
  • residential
  • debt consolidation
  • equipment lease

As Dedicated accountants our significant expertise means that upon acquisition or refinance, we can structure your debt in the most tax effective way while also minimising your risk.

RDC Partners offer their expertise in the following services;

  • Self managed superannuation funds
  • Selling or buying a business
  • Business valuations
  • Financial Health checks
  • Succession Planning
  • Secretarial Services
  • ATO Audits
  • Workcover
  • Payroll Tax
  • Stamp Duty
  • State Revenue