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Let us take your law firm to the top of the bar.

A surprisingly overlooked aspect of owning a law firm is that it’s still a business like any other. It has costs, it has income and (hopefully) profit for the owners. After years of working with successful law firms, RDC Partners has a niche expertise in assisting owners increase their income.

As you’re probably aware, it’s no secret that legal practitioners don’t readily have the time to personally monitor their business finances to a level required for sound decision-making. Normally it wouldn’t make sense to do so as their time is better spent assisting their clients and leaving the financials to the experts.

RDC Partners make the time. We work closely with law firms to build their profit from the ground up. Starting with fixed costs such as office rental and staff, we clearly demonstrate how much turnover you need in order to realise the income you desire. With this knowledge, we can further drill down to ascertain how many billable hours your employees need to be achieving and compare this to what they’re actually charging. From there, you’re suddenly armed with the essential information you need to effectively manage your business.

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RDC Partners can help you to:

  • Monitor billings monthly
  • Maximise the productivity of your staff and recovery of billable time
  • Identify problem areas and how to improve them
  • Strategise for maximum tax efficiency
  • Undertake your bookkeeping
  • Submit your BAS; and
  • Submit your end of financial year tax returns

Our approach is to meet with you at least once every quarter to review the numbers and ensure you’re on track to achieving your income goals. There’s no doubt that businesses that know their numbers and actively monitor them do significantly better than those that don’t.

What our clients say

“I have been a client of RDC Partners for nearly 10 years and in that time I have received a service far more comprehensive than simple lodgement of my tax returns. For example, they have recently generated a detailed profit forecast which included: a review of our charge out rates compared with our competitors, the use of our historical averages to estimate billable hours each month and an estimate of all ongoing costs to operate my business. This forecast gives me a clear understanding of my monthly targets, allows me to set realistic and measurable staff KPIs, ensures I am completely in control of my cash flow and gives me confidence in my future personal income. Anthony D’Arrigo’s specific experience in the field of legal services allowed him to gather the right information and present it in way that was easy for me to understand.

I am thoroughly impressed with the service and strategic advice that I have received from RDC Partners and in particular from Anthony D’Arrigo and Rowena Glaubitz. I would not hesitate to recommend their service to other business owners, particularly those in the legal professions.”

– Sean Ryan, Director, FBR Law